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“Genesis”: A photographic Exploration of Becoming


noun: genesis 1. the origin or mode of formation of something.


Set in critically endangered remnants of the ancient “Big Scrub”, (its lineage dated back 180 million years) on Bundjalung nation, Australia, “Genesis” is a collaborative visual exploration with a young woman in transition and the profound connection between her evolving sense of self, the landscape and organic elements that surround her. 


The central figure is both subject and muse, her human form intertwining with the natural world, navigating identity, body image, sexuality and spirituality, and the delicate balance between vulnerability and empowerment. Her physical expression with and in nature forge connections with the elements that mirror her own internal evolution and serves as a metaphor for the symbiotic relationship between her own evolutionary growth and the ever-changing seasons of life. 


Layered with symbology and metaphor, such as the interplay of light and shadow, human structures and artificial artefacts and organic elements, such as bones, serve as metaphors for the hidden structures within us – both physical and psychological – that shape our identities and influence our understanding of self.


This intimate juxtaposition of the organic and the corporeal highlights the interconnectedness between the physical self and the natural world, emphasizing a harmonious relationship between the two and urging us to acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of our own evolution.

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