I am an interdisciplinary artist & self-confessed creative nomad. Working between her two homes in Sydney’s inner-west and the Byron Bay Hinterland – the latter on 25 acres of subtropical rainforest with spectacular views of the Byron coastline – I specialise in combining 21st-century digital imagery with 18th- and 19th-century antiquarian photographic printing processes. My work is created by bringing varied disciplines working together mutually through notions of concept, philosophy, process, and knowledge. My visual imagery work draws on the external environment and the internal experiences of the viewer, and I create with both in mind. My intent is to stimulate the imagination and internal psychological responses of my audience. This visual investigation of the subject matter seeks to engage the viewer on several levels; to prompt or challenge social collective memory and to evoke the viewers’ internal dialogue of their experience and to consciously contemplate what this means.​ I started my visual arts career as a fine art photographer and process historian/printer. Alongside creating contemporary digital photographic artwork I specialise in creating hand crafted, unique state artworks, some through applying paint pigments in sensitised solutions that allow me to create reproductions of digital images in a painterly form. The result is an intersection between the material nature of these one of a kind, precious and historical articles and the ephemeral nature of the digital image in the internet age. 

It is through this intersection that I seek to create a pause for the viewer to see the digital world through the paradigm of a more refined, artisan and bespoke framework.​

As a painter, my practice is emerging and became my primary focus throughout 2018. My abstract landscape paintings and style have organically evolved from my photographic practice, with the main subject matter the natural environment. My work is deeply connected to my love of nature and the Australian landscape. 

I have six degrees, including a Masters of Documentary Photography, a Graduate Diploma in Art History, a Bachelor of Adult Education, and a Masters of Science Coaching Psychology. After a successful corporate career in senior and executive leadership roles for over 25 years, I am now a leadership and development coach with an evidence based practice centred around positive psychology. I work creatively and professionally between my home in Sydney and my studio/home in the Byron Bay Hinterland rainforest, developing my arts practice and running creative photographic and mindfulness workshops and retreats. 


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