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Vanessa Harper-Mathews is an internationally exhibited, award winning Australian photographer and interdisciplinary artist. A true polymath, her arts practice reflects a diverse range of subjects, from documentary to the conceptual. Vanessa's true creative north is symbiotic with nature, landscapes, the environment and exploring the Anthropocene.

Vanessa is also interested in documenting and storytelling, the psychology of what is unseen and perceptions of the human mind that shape our experiences and existence, including the complex interplay between place, memory and time.

After graduating with a Masters of Documentary Photography from Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, in 2010, then completing a Graduate Diploma in Art History, she went on to develop bodies of work centred around the landscape & social collective memory. She holds six university degrees, including three Masters level degrees. While working a 'day job' as a risk management executive in corporate environments, Vanessa continued her professional arts education in Australia, the United States and Europe, specialising in historical photographic printing processes. Her unique arts practice integrates contemporary digital photography and18th and 19th century antiquarian photographic processes, the result is an intersection between the material nature of these one of a kind, precious and historical articles and the ephemeral nature of the digital image in the Information Age.Her work continues to explore the landscape, and the Anthropocene epoch, including non-human futures.

​Vanessa is a highly experienced and versatile photographer with the ability to shoot across a broad range of subject matter. Her work has been awarded, published and exhibited both locally and internationally and is held in overseas collections, including university museums and by private collectors. 

In addition to her visual storytelling, she is also a prolific travel photographer, researcher, and writer, bringing extensive technical and professional experience to her vibrant, enigmatic photographic narratives, providing a rich and immersive experience for her audience.

Vanessa is an exceptional emotive storyteller, an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of culture and language. Through her lens she invites others to see the world through a perspective that fosters a deep connection and appreciation for the beauty and diversity that exists across our world.


A polymath in the truest sense, seamlessly blending a myriad of deep knowledge intellectual and creative pursuits, Vanessa's innate curiosity and her insatiable thirst for knowledge has led her to excel in multiple disciplines. Alongside maintaining a successful corporate consulting career Vanessa is passionate about life long learning. She holds six university degrees- including a bachelor of Adult Education, an MBA, grad. cert. in Risk Sciences and a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology, alongside being a professionally certified/ qualified Pilates Reformer Instructor.. 





2013     Graduate Diploma in Art History              University of Adelaide, SA, Australia


2010     Master of Documentary Photography        Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, Australia

2000     Bachelor Adult Education                       University Western Sydney



2021     Group Exhibition          Birds, Gallery 3, Byron Bay, NSW


2018     Solo Exhibition             bella Venezia Gold Street Studios, Trentham, Victoria, Australia


2017     Group Exhibition           Another Possibility, Dali International Photography Exhibition, Dali, China 

2017     Group Exhibition           Maggie Diaz Photographic Award for Women Finalist Exhibition Space galleries,

                                              Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


2016     Group Exhibition           Shades of Blue Contemporary Cyanotypes, Potter Gallery, Missouri Western State University


2012     Group Exhibition           State of Art Gallery, Hong Kong


2012     Group Exhibition           International Art Festival, Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, NJ, USA


2012     Group Exhibition           Pro'jekt LA, MOPLA, (Month of Photography Los Angeles) Chop House, California, USA


2012     Solo Exhibition              All Roads Lead to Isis & Beautiful Carnival, Brunswick Street Galleries, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


2012     Solo Exhibition              Beautiful Carnival, ArtHouse, Sydney, NSW, Australia


2011     Group Exhibition           SCA, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, NSW, Australia


2010     Group Exhibition           Graduate Exhibition Sydney College of Arts, The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia         



2018     Fleurieu Biennale Art Prize                               Finalist


2017     Maggie Diaz Photographic Award for Women       Winner, Finalist (across multiple categories)

2013     5th Edition Julia Margaret Cameron Awards           Finalist, (Cityscape & Street Photography)


2013     5th Pollux Awards                                             1st place, 3rd place & finalist, Alternative, 2nd place, finalist, Still Life


2012     International Art Festival                                      Winner & Finalist, Alternative Photography


2012     Creative Asia Photography Awards                       Gold Award, Illustrative


2012     2nd International Donkey Art Prize                        Finalist, Photography & Digital Media


2012     Pro'jekt LA, MOPLA,                                           Finalist 


2011     The International Loupe Awards                            Bronze, Abstract / Illustrative Category


2011     The International Loupe Awards                           Bronze, People & Portrait Category


2009     Silvershotz International Journal of Contemporary    2009 International Folio Finalist



2019     Art Edit Magazine #22


2018     The Hand Magazine

2017     The Hand Magazine                                                


2016     The Hand Magazine                                               


2011     Exposure                                                                 


2010     Photofile Issue 90                                                   


2010     Photofile Issue 91                                                   


2010     Broadsheet Contemporary Visual Arts & Culture Vol 39.3 September 2011       


2009     Silvershotz International Journal of Contemporary Photography 

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