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Historical Processes, Alternative Photography & the Hand Made Print

The physical presence of the handcrafted image is not done any justice by viewing on line or in print. In a world saturated with digital imagery, it is easy to overlook the beauty and historical value of these unique, one off images produced using processes and materials that date back to the dawn of photography.

The handcrafted image is making a resurgence in response against mass produced digital imagery, and seeks to remind us of times when the world moved at a slower pace and the beauty of these processes was in the respect paid and time spent on perfecting the chemistry and following detailed steps to produce a single print.

This renaissance of the handcrafted image and the artists that devote their time to perfecting the science, art and craft of these processes are intersected by a number of 21st century factors. Faithful reproduction of old chemistry and materials, a contemporary artistic eye and technologically advanced machines and equipment are evolving and morphing the original syntaxes and creating new hybrid pictorial languages across the diverse spectrum of the medium.

All works created are unique state 

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