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Hands Across the water

Commission for a social venture organised by Hands Across the Water


Hands Across the Water is a charity organization based in Australia that focuses on improving the lives of children in Thailand. Founded in 2005 by Peter Baines OAM, the charity was established in response to the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, which caused widespread devastation in Thailand and other countries. Since then, Hands Across the Water has been working tirelessly to provide a better future for Thai children who have been impacted by poverty, neglect, abuse, or loss of family.


The organization provides a range of support services, including education, healthcare, and accommodation, to vulnerable children and their communities. Hands Across the Water also operates several children's homes and an employment program for young adults to help break the cycle of poverty and provide opportunities for a brighter future.


Through fundraising efforts and donations from individuals and businesses, Hands Across the Water has made a significant impact in the lives of many children in Thailand. The organisation's commitment to making a positive difference in the world is an inspiration to others, and they continue to strive towards their goal of helping as many children as possible. 

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