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Return to the Sublime

Series 1

Hand-crafted Cyanotype prints, tea-toned

The images in this body of work represents our internal yearning to reclaim our sense of identity and connection within the growing complexity of a global existence and an enduring longing to transcend the everyday havoc of our modern world and reconnect with the natural world. On a deeper level it is a visual exploration of sonder- the realisation that all those we share the planet with has an inner life as vivid and as complex as our own.

The cyanotype process, discovered by Sir John Herschel (1792–1871) in 1842, has been practiced for over 170 years and was the first simple and practical non-silver iron process. It was used widely commercially and artistically for many years. The cyanotype process was later improved upon by Mike Ware, who looked closely at existing variations on the cyanotype process which were all related to John Herschel’soriginal formulation and created a new formula. These images are made using Mike Ware's new cyanotype process.

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