In ancient Egypt Osiris was an earthly ruler alongside the Goddess Isis. His jealous brother, Set, betrayed him by luring and sealing him into a coffin that was then thrown into the Nile. Isis searched for Osiris throughout Egypt and beyond before finding the casket and hiding it upon her return to Egypt for proper burial. Set found the casket and hewed the body of Osiris into 14 pieces, scattering the parts throughout the land of Egypt. Isis found and assembled the parts to remake Osiris whole and he was resurrected. The legend of Osiris came to represent the importance of the interconnected parts of the life-death-rebirth mystery. Like the fragmented parts of life and afterlife, a visual mystery is played out. In isolation motion and stasis do not appear different, but together, we imagine they appear differently, moving, changing but remaining still and unchanged. ​


Look-imagine the carnival.

Are you seeing the carnival or are you imagining you’re seeing it?

Are you seeing the same moment again and again? 

Or are you imaging again and again seeing the moment just once?

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