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Dreaming of Dry Land

Living with global water instability related issues such as drought, water scarcity, oceanic pollution and the disruption of the earth’s hydrological (water) cycle caused by climate change is one of the biggest issues of our times. Climate change scenarios suggest that in the next fifty years global warming will increase both the frequency and severity of these phenomena. Without water we cannot survive. Currently, 70% of the world’s population suffers at least one month of water scarcity each year. Slow catastrophes, such as drought, are already impacting economies and lives, in places such as Australia. 


There is a growing world-wide apocalyptic anxiety heralding some of the most significant issues the human race has ever experienced on our planet.


Dreaming of Dry Land reflects on the human relationship with water, both internally and psychologically, and our inability to act on a dire global issue that threatens our species. The images show cocoon like psychological spaces that are both ominous and womb-like at the same time. The sound track of different water ways surrounds the viewer in a ‘submersive’ experience to remind us of how connected our survival is to this precious natural resource.

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